Machine Health Monitoring


If you are looking for an effective solution to observe and supervise your manufacturing measurement, DyMoTech is in the position to offer you the optimal solutions for transducers, hardware, software and services for process measurement and control  to meet your requirements. We use standard products to solve the challenges you face. We have been involved in the design, cost estimation, implementation, and on-site installation of many projects in the cement, steel, mining, and petrochemical industries. DyMo is advanced in the design and implementation of real-time monitoring and control schemes for electro-mechanical systems used in industry, education and research. DyMo solutions are ideal for implementing and evaluating strategies from the simple to the extremely complex. We understand our customers' needs due to more than 10 years of industrial experiences. Issues like time to market, budget constraints and product quality are considered and reflected in the hardware and software we produce. The team includes PhDs from Mechanical and Electrical engineering, and our 10 years of research experience guarantees the performance and effectiveness of the solutions.

In the monitoring schemes, a wide range of sensors can be applied such as displacement, flow, pressure, force, current. The sensors are acquired through data acquisitions and loggers, and processed. If the system is complex a monitoring algorithm will be developed to estimate the parameters which cannot be measured. The results can be shown by a customized graphical user interface. Our innovation employs the sensor signals to identify the condition of the machine through dynamics model. The underlying algorithms are based on proprietary signal processing filters and system estimation methodologies developed by our firm. DyMo provides:

  • Real time analysis of ┬ámachine performance
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Instantaneous visual and audio warnings
  • Catastrophic failure forecast and prevention
  • Optimized maintenance schedules